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USA Guide Books And Resources

Here are some useful travel guides you may want to consider getting as part of your quest to increase your traveling wisdom.

usa travelguide Lonely Planet's USA Travel Guide - Everything you need to know about travelling in the USA, whether it's for fun, study or work.  central america on a shoestring Central America on a Shoestring - Central America is a slinky, seven-country combo that really knows how to pack a punch. It's a thrill ride from end to end, zipping across Mayan history, ancient ruins, wildlife and gurgling volcanoes. Discover the region's best beaches, jungles, mountaintops, bars and cantinas, and get your kicks without breaking the bank.  
south america guide South America on a Shoestring Travel Guide - Just being in South America is a thrill in itself. Open your eyes and there's the Amazon, the Inca Trail, booming Buenos Aires and the jaw-dropping Andes. Your pesos may be limited but the spine tingles and the adventures ain't. This unbeatable guide takes you across this wild-ride continent while keeping some change in your pocket.  south west usa Southwest USA Travel Guide - Escape on endless roads through fiery-red canyons and Dr Seussian spires. Mingle with ghosts at the ancient Mesa Verde ruins. Traverse the world and celebrate excess in flirty, fabulous Las Vegas. Whether you're a geology nut, a Wild West buff or an adventure hound, grab this definitive guide and prepare to soak up the Southwest, Lonely Planet style. 

Here are some other useful guides you may want to check out too.

  • Saving Secrets For Asian Travelers To USA - This guide is great for any Asian travellers who want to visit the USA.
  • Save on Airfare Secrets - a great guide to have by your side if you're a frequent traveller and you appreciate good deals on air tickets.
  • The Ultimate Disney World Savings Guide - perfect for you if you have kids and they've been bugging you to take them to Disney World. Great too if you work with kids on a daily basis or manage a large group of kids.
  • Philippine Dreams - A short but extremely useful guide to having the perfect vacation in the beautiful island archipelago known as The Philippines.
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