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Department of Tourism USA

Tourist Help is Never Far Away


Looking for a department of tourism, by the government in the USA? Depending on the states you’re in or you’re going, each states have its own tourismboard acting independently for its’ states tourism purposes.

The Office of Travel and Tourism Industries (OTTI) is an official US government site where you can get a rough information on inbound and outbound travel in the USA and other basic travel and tourism information about the country. 

A full list of tourism department offices can be access Planet Ware and here. Apart from that, you can also view other information such as accommodations, transports, and many more.

If you would like to visit Tennessee, you may visit their Tourism Department’s site at Tennessee.gov. You may contact them or view their online services which specially caters Tennessee’s tourism needs.s

“The department also operates 13 Welcome Centers along the interstate highway system in Tennessee. Each of the Welcome Centers is equipped with a toll-free telephone system allowing travelers to make hotel, motel, and campground reservations anywhere in Tennessee.” [source]

Other tourism departments, such as from Wyoming, Indiana, Kentucky and Virgin Islands, to name a few, are the official department of tourism, of state, in the USA. If your choice of states aren’t here, you may visit the US Embassy and view its directory.

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