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All The USA Maps You Need

Below is a selection of the highest quality maps of the USA by Maps.com. If you're looking for a certain type of USA map you're very likely to find exactly what you need here.

USA Wall Map

USA Wall MapMaps.com’s USA Deluxe Political Wall Map contains vibrant colors combined with an abundance of information making this map suitable for use in business, education or reference.

This map includes:

  • State Capitals
  • Primary Cities
  • Secondary Cities*
  • Some Towns*
  • US Interstates (numbered)
  • US Highways (numbered)
  • Major Freeways, Highways, and Toll Roads
  • Major Lakes & Rivers
  • Time Zones
  • Longitude/Latitude Graticule

*Minimum population of 5,000. Most towns are displayed in less populated areas such as the Dakotas. In densely populated areas like Chicago, NY, and LA, only those cities with population amounts greater than 50,000 are displayed due to space limitations.

Printed on 24lb. premium coated bond paper and laminated on both sides using 3mm laminate through a hot lamination process, this map is markable using dry erase pens and can be easily cleaned.

USA Deluxe County Wall Map

USA Deluxe County Wall MapFirst time available! Not available in any store! Maps.com’s USA Deluxe County Wall Map. This map shows outlines, and names for EVERY county within the Continental United States! We've mapped the USA Counties before, but our latest venture has been to bring you the USA with all of the counties named and indexed, No small task!

This map includes:

  • Continental U.S. showing all counties
  • County Outlines
  • All Counties Named and Indexed
  • State Borders and Names
  • State Capitals
  • Some Major Cities
  • Cities Population Index
  • This map contains county information for the contiguous United States only. Alaska and Hawaii have been omitted
  • Some states may have independent cities which may function as their own county
  • Due to the high level of detail, the font size is small and will not be legible from a distance

Before purchasing this map click on the Detail Example links next to the preview image above to view the detail available on this map.

USA with County Outlines Wall Map

USA with County Outlines Wall MapFirst time available! Not available in any store! USA w/County Outlines Wall Map. Hard to find, even harder to make, this map shows outlines for every county within the United States. Due to the large quantity, the counties are NOT NAMED in this map.

This map includes:

  • State Borders
  • County Outlines
  • Some Major Cities

Printed on 24lb. premium coated bond paper and laminated on both sides using 3mm laminate through a hot lamination process, this map is markable using dry erase pens and can be easily cleaned.

USA Michelin Political Wall Map

USA Michelin Political Wall MapThe United States is a big place and Michelin has been mapping it for a long time. The USA maps are rich in information that is not often found on other maps. The top and bottom map borders are beautifully adorned with state flags and some basic statistics. Other interesting information includes insets such as time zones or world locators.

This is one of the most attractive USA maps we carry. Subtle blends of color, and extensive political detail make this an excellent map for educational use, or business. Contained on this map are most large cities, and almost every highway in country!

If you are looking for a colorful USA map created by an experienced company that is full of up to date information, this is it!

Interarts USA Wall Map

Interarts USA Wall MapKnown for their resplendent use of color, Interarts Maps are a tasteful addition to any home or office. Political information is boldly displayed in bright colors and ample type. But these beautiful maps are more than just color, they also show detailed relief with major physical features labeled.

Printed on Tyvek, a virtually un-ripable paper, this is the perfect map for mounting, framing, or sticking pins in. It contains extensive political information including cities, highways, and state boundaries. The bright colors and ease of readability make this a great map for young geographers too.

Cities: many
State Borders: yes
Interstates/Highways: many
Secondary Roads: many
Railroads no
National Parks: yes
Physical/Terrain Shading: some
Timezones: no
County Borders: no
Projection: Albers Equal Area

USA Magnetic Puzzle Map

USA Magnetic Puzzle MapPlay and Learn with this retro-vintage style USA Magnetic Map Puzzle. Place the magnetic state onto its corresponding color and shape on the map, or for a bigger challenge, put the USA together on your refrigerator or other metal surface.

The USA Magnetic Puzzle Map features Interactive magnetic playboard 41 Magnetic Pieces containing State Names, Capitals, and fun Graphics Retro and vintage style with bright colors Alaska and Hawaii included. Contains small parts not recommended for children under five years of age.

USA with Time Zones

USA with Time ZonesThis USA Time Zone map is a great base reference for general time zone boundaries. The Time Zones are color-coded to easily decipher the states within that zone.

USA Area Codes and Time Zones

USA Area Codes and Time ZonesThis USA Area Codes map is a great base reference. This map shows all the area codes for the United States, including Canada, as well as Time Zones. Details include: State Names, Province Names, Area Codes, and Time Zones

USA Blank Base

USA Blank BaseThis Blank USA Base Map is perfect for creating your own USA map. The state boundaries are there as a guide, but all other detail is absent.

Black and White US Outline Wall Map

Black and White US Outline Wall MapNot available in any store! Maps.com's large format laminated Black and White outline USA wall map is ideal for the classroom or business. Students can use dry erase markers to color states that coincide with lesson plans or current events and businesses can mark areas related to sales territories or market expansion.

Details include:
State abbrevitions: Yes
State capitals: No
Secondary cities: No
Major rivers & lakes: No
Color-coded states: No
Highways: No
Point of interest info: No
Time zones: No

Printed on 24lb. premium coated bond paper and laminated on both sides using 3mm laminate through a hot lamination process, this map is markable using dry erase pens and can be easily cleaned.


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